Friday, February 18, 2011

Tom and Jerry Tribute

Media used: Sharpie marker, and acrylic paint on canvas 

Processes: I first started the picture by photo copying a photo of the characters in the logo, then I used a sharpie marker to outline the letters and characters, and then I finally paint in the letters and characters with acrylic paint. If I needed to make pink or light brown I would mix it in with two colours. For example, if I wanted to make pink I would mix both red and white to get the result. 

Techniques: I would always use small brushes to fill in small spots and not over paint the black lines. 

Critique: The two aspects I love about this is that it definitely looks like the Tom and Jerry title that Chuck Jones produced/directed from 1962 to 1967, and that it was fun drawing and painting this picture! One thing I would like to add in the background is just orange because in the Chuck Jones produced cartoons, the background is orange. 

Tom and Jerry is owned by Time Warner

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